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Global Water Futures Observatories
Instrumented Sites
Aquatic Toxicology and Ecosystem Remediation (Ecotoxicology) Laboratory

General Info


Provides baseline and time-sensitive data to investigate issues such as the bioaccumulation of contaminants in food webs, effects of pharmaceutical and sewage exposure on fish endocrine systems, and the cumulative effects of diverse human activities in watersheds on ecosystem health.


University of Waterloo

Facility Lead

Mark Servos

Primary Contacts

NameRoleContact Information
Mark ServosFacility LeadEmail:
Phone: 519-888-4567 x36034
Leslie BraggPrimary ContactE-mail:
Phone: 519-888-4567 x37095

Fee for Service

Lab Equipment & Services
Deployable Systems

RefItemEquipment PurposeUnitInternal Rate *External Rate **Commercial Rate ***
ATERL-ML-1Bio-Rad CFX-96 Realtime PCR (x2)Used to run plates for quantifying gene expression and covid-19 in wastewaterper sample$600$690$930
ATERL-ML-2Automated plate loaderLoads plates for analysis in the 96 touchper day$50$58$78
ATERL-ML-3Bio-Rad CFX- OPUS Realtime PCR (x2)Used to run plates for quantifying gene expression and covid-19
in wastewater
per sample$600$690$930
ATERL-ML-4Qiagen Digital PCRQuantifies nucleic acidsper sample$800$920$1,240
ATERL-ML-5PCR workstationUsed to prepare reagents for PCR and plate themper day$50$58$78
ATERL-ML-6Bio-Rad T100 thermocyclerUsed for PCR gene expressionper sample$100$115$155
ATERL-ML-7Biological safety cabinetUsed to prepare, extract samples for various projectsper day$50$58$78
ATERL-ML-8NIMBUS automated liquid handlerPlates mastermix and samples for covid-19 and other projectsper sample$600$690$930
ATERL-ML-9Nanodrop (Thermofisher NanoDrop microvolume spectrophotometers)Measures total RNA, DNA and proteins for various measures
including covid-19 in wastewater
per sample$100$115$155
ATERL-ML-10Bio-Rad plate sealerSeals plates to be run with qPCRper plate$10$12$16
ATERL-ML-11Refrigerated centrifugesUsed to centrifuge samples that require refrigeration for covid- 19 in wastewaterper day$50$58$78
ATERL-ML-12MaxQ 6000 incubatorIncubation of yeast cells for determination of total erogenicity of wastewater (YES assay)per day$100$115$155
ATERL-ML-13Flake ice machineKeeps PCR samples coldper day$20$23$31
ATERL-ML-14Molecular Devices M3 spectrophotometer plate readerMany uses. ELISAs, YES assay, other cell culturesper day$100$115$155
ATERL-ML-15Perkin Elmer 3110 Tricarb liquid scintillation counterRadiation measurements. H3, C13, I125 etc.per sample$50$58$78
ATERL-ML-16QIAcube ConnectExtracts RNA/DNA for various kitsper day$200$230$310
ATERL-ML-17Laminar flow hoodUsed to prepare and extract samples for YES assayper day$50$58$78
ATERL-ML-18Small Eppendorf refrigerated centrifugeExtraction of RNA/DNA samples for covid-19per day$10$12$16
ATERL-ML-19SonicatorCleaning glassware------------
ATERL-ML-20Various microscopesOtolith age determination, histology, cell cultureper day$50$58$78
ATERL-ML-21Supelco manual SPE manifoldsExtraction of PPCPs from water samplesper day$50$58$78
ATERL-ML-22Homogenizers for tissueHomogenizes tissue samples prior to extractionper day$10$12$16
ATERL-ML-23pH metersMeasures pHper day$20$23$31
ATERL-ML-24Conductivity metersMeasures conductivityper day$20$23$31
ATERL-ML-25DO metersMeasures DOper day$20$23$31
ATERL-ML-26YSI handheld multimetersMeasures water quality parameters in stream and in aquatic facility for various projectsper day$50$58$78
ATERL-ML-27Small centrifugesUsed to centrifuge samples for RNA/DNA extraction and PCR. Measures hemaocritper day$30$35$47
ATERL-ML-28Vortex mixersUsed to shake samples for preparing samples for extractionper day$10$12$16
ATERL-ML-29WaterbathsUsed for incubating samples as neededper day$10$12$16
ATERL-ML-30Orbital shakersMixing and shaking of various samples. Used with YES assayper day$10$12$16
ATERL-ML-31HotplatesUsed to keep samples/reagents at certain temperatures for various protocolsper day$10$12$16
ATERL-ML-32Metler Toledo analytical balanceMeasuring analytical standardsper day$50$58$78
ATERL-ML-33Sartorious analytical balanceMeasuring analytical standardsper day$50$58$78
ATERL-ML-34Lab balances of various sizesUsed to measure weight of chemicals, tissues, organisms, etc.per day$30$35$47
ATERL-ML-35Dionex SE500 Nitrogen evaporatorEvaporates samples to dryness before reconstitutionper day$50$58$78
ATERL-ML-36Dionex Autotrace for SPE extractionsAutomated SPE for PPCPs and hormonesper day$200$230$310
ATERL-ML-37Dionex ASE for solid extractionsAutomated accelerated solvent extraction of solids like fish tissue for PPCP analysisper day$200$230$310
ATERL-ML-38Dionex Rocket evaporatorEvaporation of samplesper day$50$58$78
ATERL-ML-39Agilent 2200 TapestationMeasures RNA/DNA qualityper sample$100$115$155
ATERL-ML-40Agilent 1260 LC with UV detector and fraction collectorSeparates a variety of chemicals for toxicity identification evaluation (TIE) studies. Collects specific fractions/peaks of individual chemicals.per sample$500$575$775
ATERL-ML-41Agilent 5975 GC and 6890 MSAnalysis of volatile analytes like PAHsper sample$800$920$1,240
ATERL-ML-42Agilent 1260 LC with Agilent 6460 Triple Quad MSAnalysis of PPCP, hormones, drugs of abuseper sample$1,200$1,380$1,860
ATERL-ML-43Cytation plate readerPlate reader with imaging capabilities used for cell cultureper sample$300$345$465