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Cryospheric Remote Sensing Laboratory

General Info


The Cryospheric Remote Sensing Research Facility (CRSRF) was established in 2009 by Professors Claude Duguay and Richard Kelly with funding obtained from the Canadian Foundation for Innovation and the Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation.

CRSRF provides the only Ku-/X-band scatterometer facility of its kind in North America. The infrastructure has previously been used in support of the CoReH2O satellite mission proposed to the European Space Agency Polarimetric ground-based scatterometer systems operating at Ku and X-band frequencies provides data that deepen our understanding of active microwave interactions with snow and ice properties. The lab also base for storing and staging of a suite of radiation and energy balance instruments, automatic ice profiler and snow depth systems as well as more traditional snow and ice field instruments such as snow tubes, ice corers and augers, density profilers and other standard snow survey techniques.


University of Waterloo

Facility Lead

Claude Duguay

Primary Contacts

NameRoleContact Information
Claude DuguayFacility Lead and Primary ContactEmail:
Phone: 519-888-4567 ext. 43610

Fee for Service

Deployable Systems

RefItemDeployed AtUnitInternal Rate *External Rate **Commercial Rate ***
CRSL-DS-1UAV – eBee with three sensors (colour, multispectral and
Used at all field sitesper day$300$345$420
CRSL-DS-2UAV – DJI Matrice 600 Pro with Headwall hyperspectral sensorUsed at all field sitesper day$500$575$700
CRSL-DS-3UAV – DJI Matrice 600 Pro with FLIR thermal sensorUsed at all field sitesper day$300$345$420
CRSL-DS-4G10 GNSS Rover Kit with Smart Antenna, (L1-L2-L5, RTK)
Used at all field sitesper day$100$115$140
CRSL-DS-5OpenROV underwater drone with camera and temperature
Used at all field sitesper day$200$230$280
CRSL-DS-6HOBO TidbiT Temperature Data Logger - Over 100 of these on three strings for water temperature measurementsUsed at all field sitesper day per logger$10$12$14
CRSL-DS-7ProSensing field-deployable radar Ku and X-band systemsUsed at all field sitesper day per radar system$1,000$1,150$1,400
CRSL-DS-8Campbell meteorological station with temperature, RH, wind,
radiation, snow depth, camera and datalogger
Installed on shore of Malcolm Ramsay Lake near Churchill, Manitobaper day$200$230$280
CRSL-DS-9SnowHydro Magna Probes (two snow depth probes with GPS
and datalogger)
Used at all field sitesper day per probe$150$173$210
CRSL-DS-10Kovacs ice drilling and coring equipmentUsed at all field sitesper day$200$230$280