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Global Water Futures Observatories
Instrumented Sites
Hydrogeology Laboratory

General Info


This facility generates baseline and time-sensitive data for advancing the understanding of the fate, transport, and remediation of inorganic and organic contaminants in groundwater. This data aids in developing models to predict the complex geochemical behavior of these systems and in the development of remedial methods.


University of Waterloo

Facility Lead

David Rudolph

Primary Contacts

NameRoleContact Information
David RudolphFacility Lead and Primary ContactEmail:
Phone: 519-888-4567 ext. 46778

Fee for Service

Deployable Systems

RefItemDeployed AtUnitInternal Rate *External Rate **Commercial Rate ***
YSI Exo2 multiparameter (pH, electrical conductivity, temperature, oxidation/reduction potential) data logging sondes (x2)
portable between sitesper day$125$144$175
Geoprobe 7720DT track mounted probe with MC5 soil coring system, electrical conductivity and hydraulic profiling tools, and piezometer installation tooling
portable within southern Ontarioper day$2,000$2,300$2,800
HGL-DS-3peristaltic pump
Geotech Geopump peristaltic pumps (x2)
portable between sitesper day$150$173$210
HGL-DS-4water infiltration testing kit
Soil Moisture Guelph Permeameter water infiltration testing kits (x2)
portable between sitesper day$125$144$175
HGL-DS-5meteorological station
Custom meteorological stations (various configurations – Hoskin Scientific) (x12)
Alder Creek subwatershed, units available for deploymentper day$15$17$21
HGL-DS-6ground electrical conductivity system
Geonics EM31 and EM38 ground electrical conductivity systems
portable between sitesper day$200$230$280
HGL-DS-7ground penetrating radar
Sensors and Software Pulse Ekko Pro Ground penetrating radar system
-per day$250$288$350
HGL-DS-8water sampling system
MHE stainless push point shallow porewater sampling system (Henry Sampler)(x2)
portable between sitesper day$10$12$14
Drivepoint and multilevel piezometers (custom built per site/application)
multiple sitesper day$10$12$14
HGL-DS-10AMS hammer head and slide slide-hammer soil sampling systemportable between sitesper day$25$29$35
HGL-DS-11Marsh-McBirney Flo-Mate 2000 portable water flow meterportable between sitesper day$35$40$49
HGL-DS-12data logger
Solinst Level Loggers for temperature and pressure
-per day$35$40$49
HGL-DS-13data logger
Campbell Scientific data loggers (CR23X and CR1000)
-per day$35$40$49
HGL-DS-14Ford F-150 truck [2]-per day$200$230$280
HGL-DS-15Portable enclosed field support trailer-per day$150$173$210