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Global Water Futures Observatories
Instrumented Sites
Saskatchewan Water Chemistry and Ecology Laboratory

General Info


This facility provides baseline and time-sensitive data on aquatic ecosystem ecology and biogeochemistry, specifically, that aids in understanding the effects of changing climate and nutrient loads on aquatic ecology and biogeochemistry.


University of Saskatchewan

Facility Lead

Helen Baulch

Primary Contacts

NameRoleContact Information
Helen BaulchFacility LeadE-mail:
Phone: (306) 966-2549
Katy NugentManagerE-mail:
Phone: (306) 966-8405

Fee for Service

Lab Equipment & Services
Deployable Systems

RefItemEquipment PurposeUnitInternal Rate *External Rate **Commercial Rate ***
SWCEL-ML-1Vial evacuation and flushing (Exetainer flushing for GHG
Preparatory for chemical analysisper sample.$4$5$6
SWCEL-ML-2GHG analysis (CH4, CO2, N2O) in exetainer vials
(capable of low level analyses for all gases).b

(minimum 50 samples). 10% discount for GHG samples only for batches of >200 samples.
Greenhouse gas analysisper sample.$16$18$25
SWCEL-ML-3Filtration #Preparatory for chemical analysisper 3.5h$175$201$271
SWCEL-ML-4Chemical analysis via smartchem – routine analyses – level 1 (routine, fast analyses)1,Chemical analysisper sample$12$14$19
SWCEL-ML-5Chemical analyses via smartchem – routine analyses – level 2 (routine, more time consuming analyses).Chemical analysisper sample$24$28$37
SWCEL-ML-6Chemical analyses via smartchem – routine analyses – level 3
(routine, more time consuming analyses, require digestion).
Chemical analysisper sample$24$28$37
SWCEL-ML-7Chemical analyses via smartchem – challenging matrices. * cChemical analysisper sampleSee Note ASee Note ASee Note A
SWCEL-ML-8aMIMS (use and access) for analysis of N2, Ar, O2 (including high accuracy water baths for calibration)dDissolved gas analysisper day$200$230$310
SWCEL-ML-8b" "" "per week$600$690$930